Majik Forest

About the Trail

The Majik Forest trails have no specific routing and thus no directional signage, as the trails are shared with other recreational activities. Therefore all the trails are two directional, so please be careful and on the lookout for other trail users.

There are many entrances to Majik Forest for mountain bikers. The major cycling entrance is off Jip de Jager Rd, past the Protea Hotel and to the right of the office block, where you enter via the marked single track. This takes you up to the beacon that symbolises the top of the lower section of Majik. From here you can either return to the Jip de Jager Rd entrance via the single track to your left, or you can proceed westwards towards the power substations. Follow the trail around the substations and through the fenced off gate into the upper sections of Majik Forest. Climb the short sharp rooted climb to the right hand side of the fence and you will come across the entrance into the Bloemendal trail centre. Entrance here is reserved solely for Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club members or non members with a valid day permit purchased at the Bloemendal trail centre.

The general flow of upper Majik Forest is to hug the boundary fence from the Bloemendal gate, including a very steep climb to the North West corner of Majik Forest. From here it is a rewarding single track descent, with one or two testing obstacles that take you back to the Bloemendal gate. From here you can either access back into Bloemendal, or head on back around the power substations into lower Majik and back to the entrance at Jip de Jager Rd.

As there is no fixed routing or directional signage at Majik, it would be recommended that those not familiar with the trails, rather start riding the trails with someone of experience on the trails

Trail Info

Total Distance: 11.63km
Total Elevation gain: 310m
Total Elevation loss: 307m

Payment terms: As Majik Forest is a public open space, there is no charge to anyone to ride there


There are no facilities at the Majik Forest trails.

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