About the Trail

The trails are dedicated as two way trails meaning you may ride them in any direction that you choose. There are three entrances /exits to the trail:

  • Spes Bona Rd. The entrance/exit is on Spes Bona Rd, 6.2km from Adderley Rd, or 560m if you are entering from the Wellington Rd side
  • Occultdale Rd. The entrance is on Occultdale Rd, 2.7km from Adderley Rd, or 3.3km if you are entering from the Philadelphia Rd side
  • Adderley Rd. The entrance/exit is on Adderley Rd, right at the intersection where Malanshoogte Rd joins Adderley Rd

Keep an eye out for the A Frame bridges that take you into the trails at each of the entrances, which are also sign posted as TMTBC trails. Please not ethat these trails are for the use of TMTBC members only. No non members or any cyclist not riding with their valid membership board attached to their handlebars are NOT permitted to ride these trail.

Depending on which entrance you take, the trail will link you to which ever exit you will want to take in a round journey of about 14km. There is one split to keep an eye out for and that is the split that sends you to either Occultdale Rd or Adderley Rd if you enter from Spes Bona Rd, which is 8.2km from the Spes Bona Rd entrance.

The trails consist of mainly dirt roads and gentle single track meandering through the local farms of Adderley, Occultdale, Klipheuwel, Eensgezind, Mosselbaink and Goedgerwaght. All of these farms are pristine and provide you with a wonderful riding experience with abundant nature on view. Keep a look out for varied bird species, plenty of buck species, including Rhebok, Takbok, Duikers and Steenbok, as well as Meercat and Mongoose. The only minor technical challenges on these trails are the presence of 21 A Framed bridges that take you over the numerous wire fences on the trail. These have however been built with very gentle gradients and are very safe to ride

Trail Info

Total Distance: 13.32km
Total Elevation gain: 215m
Total Elevation loss: 215m

Payment terms: Paid up members of the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club with their membership board attached to your bike handlebars ride for free. Non members and visitors are not permitted on these trails.


There are no facilities on these trails

How to Get There