About the Trail

The trail consists of a main loop of the Hoogekraal farm of 8.5 km, with various specifically built trails feeding off and returning to the main loop, as well as the loop of the Welvergenoegd trails that also feeds off and returns to the main loop, giving you a total ride of 24km on the two farms

You start at the car park and warm up with a gentle climb up the dirt roads, past the skills park below the blue gum trees. Either pop in here for a warm up of the skills you will be needing for your trail ride, or carry on past, where you will descend into the Puff Adder single track climb. Branching off the Puff Adder climb after 500m is the first of the feeder trails, the Gorge. The Gorge consists of a very punchy climb, where after you are rewarded with a whooping descent consisting of tabletops and a large drop off, before rejoining the Puff Adder climb. From here it’s a series of corners and switchbacks that takes you to the top of Hoogekraal Hill, with its wonderful vista of Table Mountain, Robben Island and the City Bowl. Whilst on top, you have the option to tackle the second of the feeder trails, the infamous Cobra! It’s an exhilarating and technical descent followed by a well crafted climb back up to the main loop, with a total length of just under 4km. Back on the main loop and 200m further up the trail, you get the third feeder option, the Welvergenoegd  loop.

The Welvergenoegd loop is a challenging loop onto the Welvergenoegd farm of 9.5km, consisting of two magnificent descents, called the First Down and Patricks Plunge, which both have technical features built on them, but all have B Lines around the challenging stuff. You will also encounter the single track climbs that take you back up to the Hoogekraal main loop, as well as the option to the climb that will take you onto the Fair Cape trails, should you want to incorporate the Fair Cape trails into your ride.

Once back on the main Hoogekraal loop, you will very quickly find yourself at the very highest point of the farm, with the only way back to the car park being downhill all the way! The descent to the car park is called Snake, Rattle and Roll and will leave you breathless at the bottom, just wanting more of this sublime descent. Keep an eye out for the aptly named “Widow maker” on your way down and be sure to take the B Line around it should you feel your skills are not up to it!

Trail Info

Hoogekraal Main loop: 8.5km – Intermediate
The Gorge: 0.76km – Intermediate
The Cobra: 3.70km – Difficult
Welvegenoegd loop: 11km – Intermediate

Total Distance: 23.96km
Total Elevation gain: 681m
Total Elevation loss: 768m

Payment terms: R60 at the trail centre honesty box at Hoogekraal or any of the Snapscan/Zapper facilities at Hoogekraal, Welvergenoegd or Fair Cape gives you full access to the Hoogekraal/Welvergenoegd and Fair Cape Trails. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you.


Bike shop and repairs at Hoogekraal parking lot (Black Sheep Bikes)

Delicious coffee at Bike shop at Hoogekraal parking lot

Clean ablution facilities at Hoogekraal parking lot

Magnificent skills park at Hoogekraal catering for all types of skill

Wonderful flora and fauna on the whole trail

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