About the Trail

The Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club has obtained the rights from various land owners on our trail network to link our trail centres together, via what we call corridors… a two way passage between our trail centres that provides continuity, extra distance and the ability to ride various trail centres without having to get off your bike.

The bulk of these corridors are exclusively for use of members only and are strictly off bounds for non members.


Members Only Corridors

Protea Hotel to D’Aria

This corridor links the Protea Hotel at Jip de Jager road to D’Aria and Bloemendal. The Eastern entrance/exit is at the entrance to Majik Forest and traverses to the Western entrance/exit at D’Aria via Altydgedacht. From here follow the marked route through to D’Aria to Bloemendal. Please note that the loop around the D’Aria dam back to Bloemendal is open to non members, provided you obtain a valid day licence at Bloemendal

The Traverse

This corridor links the suburb of Aurora to the upper Bloemendal trails. Entrance/exit from Aurora to the East is via two gates, either the top of Odendaal Rd, or from the corner of St Johns Rd and Tygervalley Rd. The two entrances merge in Altydgedacht and take you into upper Bloemendal via the Morgenster farm

Contermanskloof to Vissershok Rd

This corridor links you from Contrmanskloof to Vissershok Rd, which then provides the link to Hoogekraal down Vissershok Rd. Access from Contermanskloof is via the top (Eastern) gate at Contermanskloof which takes you down to Vissershok Rd via the privately owned dirt road of Oatlands. The exit/entrance point at Vissershok Rd is just above the farm cottages of the Ongegund farm



This corridor links the Meerendal trails to Contrmanskloof. Entrance /exit from Meerendal in the East is via the entrance gate off Vissershok Rd, some 100m North of the Meerendal main entrance. The corridor links you to Contermanskloof via the Hoogelegen farm. Take care of the numerous fence step overs on this corridor.

Members and Non Members Corridors


This corridor links upper Bloemendal to Hillcrest. Follow the directional signage as you enter upper Bloemendal, which will lead you to the entrance/exit from Nitida at the Traverse split. From here you cross the Nitida farm which leads to the entrance/exit point at Hillcrest, adjacent to the Hillcrest quarry.

Non members may ride this corridor, provided they obtain a valid day licence from the Biosport shop at Bloemendal,  to gain access to the Hillcrest and Bloemendaaler trails


This corridor links you from Adderley Rd to the Fair Cape trails. Entrance/exit is at the Vrymansfontein farm off Adderley Rd in the East, which takes you to the Fair Cape trails in the West, via the Vrymansfontein farm.

Non members may ride this corridor, provided you pay via the Zapper or Snapscan board which is on display at the entrance to the corridor at the Vrymansfontein entrance. Please keep proof of payment on you. This is the only form of payment available, meaning no Zapper or Snapscan, then no ride! This payment also provides you use of the Fair Cape, Welvergenoegd and Hoogekraal trails for the day.