Fair Cape

About the Trail

The Fair Cape trails consist of a main loop East of Malanshoogte Rd, with a total distance of 11.21km. Access may be gained from either Malanshoogte Rd for members and non members with paid day licences, or from Adderley Rd via Vrymansfontein for members and non members who pay via snapscan/zapper at the Vrymansfontein entrance. Please note that this is the only form of payment for those using this entrance.

Besides the main loop, the Fair Cape trails can also be used as an extension to the Hoogekraal and Welvergenoegd trails. To access the trails from here, follow the markings from Hoogekraal into Welvergenoegd and as you are about to start the climb up to Patricks Plunge at Welvergenoegd, you will come across a marked split to the left to the Fair Cape trails. You begin with a very difficult single track climb, with steep switchbacks that will test all your leg power and uphill switchback climbing skills. Once on top of this climb, you cross over the A frame bridge into Fair Cape west. Follow the single track all the way to the A frame bridge that spits you out onto Malanshoogte Rd, where you again follow the markings left up Malanshoogte Rd for 200m, where you will then come across the large A frame bridge that takes you into the main Fair Cape loop on your right hand side.

Once in the main loop, you begin with another wonderful climb with some testing switchbacks, all well worth it, as the climb leads you onto the queen descent that is fast, fun and furious. Be careful of two large road gap jumps at the start of the descent that might catch the unaware. After the descent, the trail mellows out with a flat and scenic ride through the farm vineyards, which eventually takes you to the south east corner of the trail, where you have the option to head off the trail to Adderley Rd via the Vrymansfontein farm. This is also the point where incoming riders enter the trail from Adderley Rd. Some more dirt roads through the vineyards take you to the beginning of the climb that takes you back to the trail entrance at Malanshoogte Rd. This is a well crafted single track climb that will test both your legs and lungs, but there are enough flat sections in between the climb for a bit of recovery. Back at the entrance bridge, you have a few options…. head back down right for another loop of Fair Cape, or ride back down the tarred Malanshoogte Rd straight to Hoogekraal, or follow the marked trail back to Hoogekraal via Welvergenoegd and more sublime single track. In order to ride this option, just follow the signage back down Malanshoogte Rd for about 200m and enter Fair Cape west via the A Frame bridge that spat you out coming from Welvergenoegd. This is a two way traffic area until the trail splits with a climb that takes you left up to the entrance of Welvergenoegd. You enter Welvergenoegd over an A Frame bridge, straight into a very fast and sweet descent that takes you back onto the Patricks Plunge climb at Welvergenoegd. From there you follow the markings all the way back to the Hoogekraal parking area.

Trail Info

Fair Cape west of Malanshoogte Rd

Total Distance: 2.28km

Total Elevation gain: 69m

Total Elevation loss: 35m

Fair Cape east of Malanshoogte Rd

Total Distance: 11.21km

Total Elevation gain: 217m

Total Elevation loss: 213m

Payment terms: Paid up members of the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club ride for free. Non members pay R60 at Hoogekraal via the day permit seller, the honesty box, or the Snapscan/Zapper facility. Those wanting to enter the trails at East and West Fair Cape off Malanshoogte Rd, or Fair Cape East from Adderley Rd must pay R60 at the Snapscan/ Zapper facility at the entrance to all of these trails. There is no other form of payment here….. Either Snapscan/Zapper as you enter or no ride. Please maintain proof of payment on you.

Your R60 payment at any of the trail entrances, Hoogekraal, Fair Cape West and Fair Cape East off Malanshoogte Rd, or Vrymansfontein off Adderley Rd allows you access to all of the Fair Cape, Welvergenoegd and Hoogekraal trails for the day.


There are no facilities at the Fair Cape trails. The nearest ablutions, bike shop and refreshment sales is at the Hoogekraal trail centre

How to Get There