About the Trail

The trail was primarily built as a link between the existing Fair Cape loop and the new Klipheuwel trail, via the Malanshoogte Rd. However, there are many other uses for this little gem, either being a 5km add on loop to the existing Fair Cape loop, which will then add a further 5km to the entire Hoogekraal/Welvergenoegd/Fair Cape loop, should you so choose, or you can link up  the Vrymansfontein Corridor to Malanshoogte Rd, which then takes you off Adderley Rd for the final 2km if you are heading on Adderley Rd, towards the Malanshoogte entrance to the Klipheuwel Trails.

There are 2 entrance/exit points to the trail:

  • Off the Vrymansfontein corridor. If you are riding from the existing Fair Cape trail, take the entrance to the Vrymansfontein corridor, head down next to the fence, where signage will point you to the entrance on the left A-Frame bridge, adjacent to the existing Vrymansfontein bridge. If you are riding into the Vrymansfontein corridor, you will find the same A Frame bridge entrance adjacent to the 2nd A Frame bridge. When entering from the Vrymansfontein corridor, stay right as you will hit a wonderful single track climb that basically hugs the fence to your right. Once cresting the climb you will have a jeep track descent all the way to the Malanshoogte entrance/exit. Should you rather want to ride the trail as a loop to the existing, keep an eye out for the entrance to the descent that loops you back to Fair Cape, which is on a contour to you left, exactly 1.65km from the start of the climb.
  • Off Malanshoogte Rd. You enter/exit the trail 700m after turning into Malanshoogte Rd from Adderley Rd, on your left hand side via an A Frame bridge. From here you follow the dirt rd until signage points you right into the start of the descent back to the Vrymansfontein corridor. Please do not proceed straight on at this point, as the trail coming down towards you is dedicated one way . The descent starts with a mellow section along a farm contour, before you get a really wonderful single track descent that spits you out onto the Vrymansfontein corridor. From there you chose to either go left back onto Adderley Rd, or right that takes you back to the Fair Cape trails

Trail Info

Total Distance: 4.77km

Total Elevation gain: 63m

Total Elevation loss: 76m

Payment terms: Paid up members of the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club with their membership board attached to your bike handlebars ride for free. Snapscan facilities that are available. Non members may use the trails provided they pay the R60 day licence fee via the Snapscan facilities available at the Malanshoogte entrance and at the entrance to the existing Fair Cape trails at the top of Malanshoogte Rd. Non members can also pay via the Snapscan facilities at the Hoogekraal car park should you want to include this trail into your Hoogekraal/Welvergenoegd/Fair Cape loop. Please note that there is no other form of payment other than Snapscan for this trail, so please keep proof of payment on your mobile phone.


There are no facilities on these trails

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