Bloemendal & Hillcrest

About the Trail

Bloemendal South

The trail begins with a drop into the wonderful single track that is the B- Spot, which is a flowing, easy and extremely popular single track, designed to get your juices flowing and to warm up your legs. As you exit the B Spot, you can either head straight up the Bloemendal loop via the dirt road climb to the Majik Forest gate, or you can turn left into D’Aria for a scenic loop of D’Aria and back into Bloemendal. For members only, you also get access to the Protea Hotel corridor via the D’Aria loop. Once at the top gate at Bloemendal, you have the option of going through the gate in order to take on the wonders of Majik Forest as an add on to your ride, or you can follow the marker arrows to the start of one of the most enjoyable and iconic single track descents of the TMTBC trail network, Lombards Terra. At the start of Lombards Terra you also have access to the Flowterra and its junior cousin, the Mini Flowterra, both of which contain very big jumps, drops, tables and are both for the very advanced riders only. Those wanting less of the big stuff, yet an exhilarating descent full of fun, head on down Lombards Terra. At the bottom of this run, you turn left to follow the loop. 200m further up the road, you have the option of another lap of Lombards Terra, via the XCO climb, which is a technical climb that takes you back to the start of Lombards Terra, or you carry on straight with the Bloemendal loop. Following the marker arrows, it’s another climb up the top corner of the trail, where from here, its downhill all the way.

At this point you have another wonderful option to add to your ride, the infamous XCO trail. This is another 1.5km of pure XCO bliss, that consists of large jumps and drop offs, technical rock gardens and very punchy and technical climbs…. There are however B Lines around all the difficult obstacles for those just wanting to learn. Those skipping the XCO will get back to the trail centre via the much loved and flowing single tracks of Bloemenice and the Home Run.

Bloemendal North and Hillcrest

No riding is allowed on the Telkom concrete road leading up from the Tygerberg Valley Road up to the old restaurant, except on the clearly marked green passage (Just above Gumtrees), where you will need to port your bike across. This is on request of Telkom and the landowners.

Bloemendal North is for the fitter and more technical riders, or those wanting a gateway to the neighbouring trails of Hillcrest, Contermanskloof, the members only Traverse or the Bloemendaaler. You start at the trail centre and head for Tygervalley Rd, via the Bloemendal main gate. Cross the road and follow the markers up to your first split. Left takes you into Nitida, which is the gateway to Hillcrest, Contermanskloof and the marquee Bloemendal trail, the Bloemendaaler. Right takes you to the start of the members only Traverse that takes you to either Odendaal or St Johns Rd, Aurora, via the Morgenster and Altydgedacht farms. Once again, only TMTBC members may use this Traverse

Non members are permitted into Nitida in order to ride a lap of Hillcrest or connect up to the Bloemendaaler, which begins right at the Telkom mast, some 484m above sea level. Through Nitida, you will enter the gate into Hillcrest. Follow the marker signs in Hillcrest to where you get the split between the Wild Olive and Rooikat trails. Those wanting an easier, flatter ride, turn left onto the Wild Olive trail, which is a green route consisting of wonderful single-track,  as well as scenic dirt roads that eventually takes you back to the Nitida gate, homeward bound to lower Bloemendal. Those wanting a more technical and harder ride, or those wanting access to the start of the Bloemendaaler, turn right and follow the marker arrows all the way to the start of the Hillcrest Rooikat trail. Just before the start of the Rooikat trail, which is a wonderful flowy descent, with one or two punchy climbs back to the Nitida gate as well, you get a split in the trail to your right that takes you up to both the Contermanskloof trails and the revered Bloemendaaler. Follow the last little bit of two directional single track up to the Servitude. Here members may proceed either left to Contermanskloof or right to the Bloemendaaler. Non members do not have a choice of entering Contermanskloof from here and must turn right up to the Telkom mast and the Bloemendaaler. A leg crushing climb will take you to the mast and the start of one of the best bits of single track you will ever ride, the Bloemendaaler!. You are now at the highest point of the entire TMTBC trail network and be sure to take in the views that stretch from Cape Hangklip to Robben Island, before you bomb into the Bloemendaaler. The descent is fast, whooping and very flowy, followed by a tough climb that spits you out at the upper Bloemendal restaurant. Here, follow the marker arrows across the concrete road into another short and sharp single track section. Do be careful to take note of the split in this trail, as left keeps you heading towards the Bloemendal finish and right takes you back into Hillcrest for those fit enough wanting another lap of the Bloemendaaler.

From this split all the way back to the trail centre car park at lower Bloemendal, you encounter the wonderful roads and bit of single track that take in the northern vineyards of Bloemendal in all their splendour. Be aware of a large climb that will take you back up to the restaurant as well as further, shorter punchy climbs as well as the unique B-Gums trail through the Bluegums. Eventually you will end up back at the same spot where you cross the road back into the Bloemendal gate and head back to the Biospot coffee shop for a well deserved coffee or a glass of the Bloemendal Estates finest wines.

Trail Info

Total Distance: 36km
Total Elevation gain: 878m
Total Elevation loss: 1176m

Payment terms: Paid up members of the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club ride for free. Non members pay R60 for adults and R40 for children. Please pay at the Biosport shop counter, or at any of the Snapscan facilities available at the trail center. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you. This payment only allows access to the Bloemendal, D’Aria and Hillcrest trails and does not allow you to ride or access any of the adjacent farms trails.

NB. Please ensure you have the gate codes before you ride.


Biosport coffee shop for hot and cold beverages, snacks, wine and beer sales.

Biosport kiddies parties

Tygerberg Mountain bike club office

Re Cycles bike repair shop

Bon Amis restaurant

Bloemendal Wine tasting shop

Pump Track

Y Bike trail

Kuilvoergat jump line

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Flow Trail


Lombard’s Terra

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