Trail Map

Can I Ride?

Trail Access between Sunrise and Sunset only.

Day Permits


Pay R60 for adults and R40 for children. Please pay at the Bloemendal Trailpark counter, or at any of the Snapscan facilities available at the trail centre. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you. This payment only allows access to the Bloemendal, D’Aria and Hillcrest trails and does not allow you to ride or access any of the adjacent farms trails


Pay R60 at the Diary Shed counter, or at the honesty box in the parking lot outside of the Diary Shed. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you. This payment only allows access to the Contermanskloof trails and does not allow you to ride or access any of the adjacent farms trails.

Fair Cape

Pay R60 at Hoogekraal via the day permit seller, the honesty box, or the Snapscan/Zapper facility. Those wanting to enter the trails at East and West Fair Cape off Malanshoogte Rd, or Fair Cape East from Adderley Rd must pay R60 at the Snapscan/ Zapper facility at the entrance to all of these trails. There is no other form of payment here….. Either Snapscan/Zapper as you enter or no ride. Please maintain proof of payment on you.

Your R60 payment at any of the trail entrances, Hoogekraal, Fair Cape West and Fair Cape East off Malanshoogte Rd, or Vrymansfontein off Adderley Rd allows you access to all of the Fair Cape, Welvergenoegd and Hoogekraal trails for the day.

Hoogekraal and Welvergenoegd

R60 at the trail centre honesty box at Hoogekraal or any of the Snapscan/Zapper facilities at Hoogekraal, Welvergenoegd or Fair Cape gives you full access to the Hoogekraal/Welvergenoegd and Fair Cape Trails. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you.

Majik Forest

As Majik Forest is a public open space, there is no charge to anyone to ride there.


Pay R50 for adults and R 20 for students, pensioners and under 18s at the parking guard house. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you. This payment only allows access to the Meerendal trails and does not allow you to ride or access any of the adjacent farms trails.

Corridors to Trails

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Trail Distances

TrailSingle Track (km)Farm Track or Dirt RoadSegment Distance (km)Ascent (m)Descent (m)Total Trail (km)
Car Park to Puffadder start1.654535
Puffadder start to Gorge start0.45017
End Gorge to Cobra start3.7616624
Cobra total3.78
Cobra drop1.880124
Cobra full climb1.81103
Cobra climb end back to track to Cobra start0.16150
Cobra start to start Snake, Rattle & Roll start0.100
SR&R start to end (car park)2.75
SR&R start to hill top0.523812
Hill top to SR&R end2.230155
Welvergenoegd start to border bridge0.940100
Border bridge to Cobra climb0.27161
Skills Parkn/a
Border bridge to Diep Rivier1.44091
Rivier to bridge0.5576
Bridge to Fair Cape start1.7921
Fair Cape start to Fair Cape return junction0.22210
Fair Cape start to border bridge0.5412
Incoming bridge from Fair Cape to Hoogekraal border4.56
Incoming bridge from Fair Cape to junction 0.51040
Junction to top Patrick's Plunge0.21140
Top Patrick's Plunge to Hoogekraal border3.8482125
Fair Cape
East of Malanshoogte Rd
Border bridge to farm road start2.8140109
Vineyard loop4.81
Farm road & Vinyard to Vrymansfontein junction3.473821
Vrymansfontein junction to start of s/t1.34489
Start of single track to start of 2-way section38950
Junction off 2-way to top of climb at farm road0.1520
Top of s/t climb to border bridge0.44024
West of Malanshoogte Rd
Welvergenoegd border to Malanshoogte rd1.773735
Incomming split to Welvergenoegd border0.51320
Fair Cape bridge to Adderley1.425141.4
Bloemendal border to Hillcrest border0.923740.92
Nitida gate to Olive tree single track0.55500
Olive tree s/t0.2274
End olive tree s/t to top of Red climb (bridge)1.431003
Rooikat: Bridge to end at tar road incl Snake Alley & Adrians5.2745248
Junction to Contermans servitude0.3130
Green Olive:
Start at end vineyard traverse to Rooikat junction0.28043
Forest gorge climb incl Cow Pat Alley0.31317
Descent from Rooikat junction0.85453
Farm tar road and around vineyard to Rooikat track junction1.022181
End of Red/Green (tar rd) to Nitida gate0.87558
Contermans/Hillcrest/Bloemendal servitude
Hillcrest track end to Contermans border fence0.37200
Hillcrest track end to Bloemendal border fence0.28340
End B-Spot to Majik gate 1.11790
Majik gate to Terra start0.2780
Terra XCO climb0.82542
End Lombards Terra to start B/Nice1.58
End of Terra to top Vineyard climb0.84660
Top Vineyard climb to start B/Nice0.741043
Start B/Nice to end (car park)2.5455
Perimeter trail0.7846
WP XCO trail1.634299
WP XCO trail bottom B line0.32030
Corridor (Car Park to start of Terra)1.25750
Gate at end servitude to start of Bloemendaaler0.1944
Start concrete road s/t to Hillcrest gate0.82057
Start of split to start of restaurant climb0.38029
Bloemies Up, Bloemies Theatre & Cannonball to Morgenster s/t (start just over cement road). 1.77785
"Morgenster" s/t0.35014
End "Morgenster s/t to Bloemies Boulevard (start bamboo s/t)0.34263
Bloemies Boulevard to vineyard1.12223
End Bloemies Boulevard s/t to start of last s/t0.5018
D'Aria ST and Protea Hotel link
Gate to start of Poplars st0.3016
Poplars and Dam st1.43811
Protea Hotel to Dam st1.7312
D'Aria Vineyards0.733011
The Traverse
Car Park to conc rd1.5604
Last s/t (up)0.3692
End of last s/t to Morgenster border0.581217
Morgenster border to Odendaal rd01.84530
St John road gate to split1.5440
New start at gate to start of st below dam1.13230
S/t climb to dam (new route)0.44190
Dam wall to end Blue route hillside tracks2.474430
Green route from junction to hillside tracks to start bottom track below Mineshatf0.761741
Bottom track below Mineshaft0.391317
Start of bottom track to top of Stairway to Heaven1.11514
Top of Stairway to end of Burry Stander2.93620
Gulley s/t to Wendyhouse1.04051
Ester Suss & Barti Butcher descents0.51037
Blue route down from top junction with Barti Butcher0.86166
Bottom of Barti Butcher to pump track0.2700
Pump track to top of Mineshaft0.3402
End Burry Stander round vineyard to blue st0.19110
Blue s/t to start of Barti Butcher0.3140
Pump track down Epic s/t finish (below pump track)0.74033
Epic s/t finish along bottom vineyard to Gulley0.2802
Dorstberg climb1.191512
Dorstberg descent to bench1.992147
Blue/Green s/t from wendyhouse to end main dam wall0.74011
Blue/Green new direction route around vineyards2.414837
Hoogekraal to Contermans link
Gravel from Vissershok to Contermans gate (incl Nibor's climb)1.267101.26
Oatlands East (The Missing Link) Corridor Entrance next to school at Malanshoogte Rd to entrance at the top of Vissershok Rd4,5422863
Oatlands Corridor Entrance at the top of Vissershok Rd to Contermanskloof1,411743
Gate top Nibor's climb to junction with s/t0.48150
Dairy Shed to start s/t (oppposite quarry)1.4750
S/t to Hoogeleggen fence1.661080
Hoogeleggen fence to start Upper Super Tubes0.81346
Blue route down from Quarry to tar road at entrance gates2.09997
Mast climb from Upper Supertubes junction0.82832
Upper Supertubes to downhill crossing at pines3.4445116
Original bit of track on lower section of Super Tubes0.34015
Pines track to start The Kloof0.2520
The Kloof0.55072
Cheeky Corners from The Kloof junction to end1.03065
Return track to Cheeky Corners incl 1st bit of Black Rhino climb1.389116
2nd bit of Black Rhino climb to Super Tubes0.6830
Return 1 to Super Tubes incl Old Man's Climb0.48690
Revised downhill0.690135
Mainline d/h from mast from mast 1.760202
Black Rhino 10,71
Black Rhino 20,8
Freeride track down from Super Tubes corner2.10167
Track from end Kloof to start Tree Charge0.46025
Tree Charge 0.35032
Shortcut to Dairy Shed from end Tree Charge0.66418
End of Tree Charge to tar road at lower Dam1.04243
Start s/t at bottom dam to end track near Dairy Shed3.79047
Short cut from above Bushvine climb to junction with road to Dairy Shed0.5101
End track to Dairy Shed0.23015
Happy Hops0.69050
Hoogeleggen Corridor (up)1.612491.6
Majik Forest
Bloemendal gate to start Green (lower) s/t traverse0.54300
Green s/t traverse to yellow/black junction0.2460
Climb from Green traverse start to Black/Yellow s/t traverse0.06100
Black/Yellow s/t traverse to Black/Yellow junction0.2620
Black s/t climb from upper traverse junction to electric fence corner0.33225
Electric fence corner to Green (lower) traverse0.662443
S/t down from Green traverse to lower Yellow junction0.0605
Yellow route down from top traverse yellow/black junction to junction with up route above Bloemendal gate 1.01236
Short cut from above Bloemendal gate to gate at Sub Station0.109
Bloemendal gate to gate at Sub Station0.108
Fence climb from sub station to Beacon track start (West side)0.83234
Beacon s/t to bridge above forest track (East side)1.18056
Kido Kids gate to bridge above forest track0.53372
Bridge to Vinks gate thru forest1.62387
Protea Hotel s/t 0.54381
End Protea s/t to Vineyard gate0.62476
Gravel climb from Vineyard gate to Beacon0.84581
Gravel from Beacon to Sub station (West side)0.79421
Beacon to Sub station s/t (West side)1.32423
Spes Bona Rd to Malanshoogte split8,1166180
Malanshoogte split to Malanshoogte Rd3,5
Malanshoogte split to Occultdale rd1,46344