Stepping up to the plate, TMTBC supporting WP XCO

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The committee this year made a conscious decision to recognise the discipline of XCO racing, and what critical role it plays, especially in our youth, but not only our youth, all riders right up through to the grey haired folk, who enjoy testing their abilities, and want to improve their skills and fitness, required for this discipline. The XCO format has been embraced by SA Schools, and there’s been year on year growth at the various events throughout the country. Undoubtedly the best place to further enhance your potential and riding experience, is at the WP XCO series, which is hosted annually, at events around the greater Cape Town area, by the Western Province Mountain Biking Commission (also like ourselves, run by a handful of volunteers). Without going into too much detail, one of the biggest challenges of regional cycling in SA, is the lack of funding from government, and the seemingly disinterest from corporate sponsors.

This challenge for the WP MTB commission was further enhanced, with the news that their title sponsor of the last few years, will unfortunately no longer be able to continue their support, which caused great concern among many. It was of great worry to the committee that the WP 2018 XCO Series was now facing some very difficult challenges, which in turn, has a direct influence on our club’s riders, who make up a very large part of the annual entries. Among these are our scholars (sub nippers, right up to the matriculants).

We could not see this happen, and swift action was needed – as a result, the committee decided to step in as main partner sponsor, and contributed an amount of R75 000 to the WP XCO series for 2018. The above sponsorship, is seen by the leadership more as an investment back into XCO, which comes at the back of a specific new (hard-hitting and technical) XCO line / course we are building at Bloemendal, soon to be opened (more on this later). We are devoted to the development of our youth specifically, and future of XCO – we are blessed with some exceptional talented boys & girls in our club, and see great potential in so many other youngsters out there – we are committed to their cause, and are very happy that we have made such big strides this year. We encourage all our parents to get their children involved in this format, no matter what the ability – it is a platform for all to develop, and enjoy themselves, but not just the parents, all members are invited to enter the 2018 series, it is truly a special discipline, with great reward and satisfaction. We wish the Western Province Mountain Biking Commission only the best with their new season, and know it is going to be a huge success !

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