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Rogue Riding and Discipline in TMTBC


Mountain bike trail building and the maintenance thereof is a costly exercise (anything from R1 000 to R100 000 / km!). The trails built and maintained by the Tygerberg MTB Club (TMTBC) are accessible to the public by way of annual membership or day permits (operated by the landowner). To ensure proper access control on privately owned properties, mountain bikers are required to either become a member or pay for a day permit and display their bike board on their handlebars at all times when they are on the trails.

The trails are enabled by partnerships between the TMTBC and private landowners. Apart from formal agreements, these partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect of private property and privacy of landowners. Unfortunately this relationship is being threatened by a small group of bikers that trespass on private property, riding illegally whenever and wherever they wish and resulting in tarnished partnerships and eventually, trail closures by landowners. These riders, known as rogue riders, refuse to pay the small daily or annual fee.

The TMTBC subscribes to the Rogue Riding Policy as managed by Amarider. Anyone can report rogue riders to Amarider, they in turn will apply the policy’s disciplinary process which could lead to the blacklisting of a rider for a period of 3 years from races in the Western Cape including FNB W2W, ABSA Cape Epic, and MTB events organised by MTB Adventures, Stillwater, Dirtopia and PPA. The main challenge in reporting of rogue riding is the identification and contact details of the rogue riders. These rogue riders jeopardise our relationship with the landowners and our chance to continue to create some of the best trails in the country ;-).

In 2015 a total of 27 first time warnings have been issued, for transgressions ranging from not displaying a board on handlebars, modifying their board, to riding with riders not displaying any board. People warned included pro riders, ex pro riders, board members, directors, LBS’s, etc. Should there be any repeat transgressions the member will be asked to please explain themselves to the Club Sub Committee on Discipline.

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