About the Trail

The trail consists of 3 different routes, the Yellow, the Green and the Blue, that all start at the car park and are marked accordingly. The Yellow and Green routes are very gentle and can be ridden by newcomers, children, the less skilled or anyone wanting an easy ride.

The Blue route is the main loop and is very manageable for most riders, if you exclude the climb up to Dorstberg and the subsequent descent out of your ride. Follow the signage from the car park for a gentle leg warmer and meander around the upper dam that leads you into the Pomegranate single track, which is a fast and flowy section, culminating with the Mine shaft descent. Thereafter some more gentle single track that takes you to the iconic Stairway to Heaven switchback climb, with its tricky uphill switchbacks. Once conquered and after a rest at the bench at the top of Stairway to Heaven, you have an option to the right for a quick finish to your ride via the Esther Suss berms, Epic corners and bottom flow track lines that spit you out literally at the car park.

Those wanting more, carry on straight for a further 200m, where you will have to make your next decision. For the very fit and more technical riders, turn left onto the dirt road for the climb up to Dortsberg. It is a very tough, leg busting and fairly technical climb all the way to the top, but well worth the effort, as the top provides a very scenic view of the surrounding, valleys, farms and Table Mountain. The descent is graded Blue and has some mild technical spots, but is generally a very flowy, fun descent that takes you back to the bench at the top of the Stairway to Heaven climb.

For those not wanting to include Dortsberg in your ride, proceed straight along the single track that takes you to the Burry Stander climb and subsequent descent. This is also a fun, flowy trail that is not too technical and ridable for most. The end of the Burry Stander trail leads you into another gem of a trail that hugs the little gorge and ends down at the timber hut. The “nameless” trail is full of fun, small jumps, tabletops and other little surprises that will definitely leave you with a huge smile on your face.

On completion of the single track, you are left with your last choice. At the timber hut you can turn right on the dirt road and head on back to the car park to the end of your ride, being sure to stop in at one of the two restaurants on the estate, Carlucci’s or Crown  , for a meal and/or drink to end your ride with. For those wanting a bit more, proceed straight at the timber hut along some more single track that leads you onto the lower dam wall and then into the vineyards for a gentle warm down meander via dirt roads that eventually takes you back the the timber hut and then back to the parking lot via Carlucci’s and Crown again.

Trail Info

Total Distance: 20.1km
Total Elevation gain: 405m
Total Elevation loss: 440m

Trail Operating Times: Tuesdays-Sundays (Sunrise to Sunset)

Payment terms: Paid up members of the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club ride for free. Non members pay R50 for adults and R 20 for students, pensioners and under 18s at the parking guard house. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you. This payment only allows access to the Meerendal trails and does not allow you to ride or access any of the adjacent farms trails


Pizzas, food, tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine at Carlucci’s

Fine dining and food fare at Crown Restaurant


Wine tasting

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