Green Corridor


The Green Corridors are Mountain Bike Trails linking one riding area with another by crossing land that does not offer trails. The Club has negotiated access with the landowners on the basis that those people crossing the land are CLUB MEMBERS who are known to us, and therefore accountable. That is why it is a ‘Members-Only’ privilege, and it is down to the members to police it. If you see someone who does not have a bike board showing on their bike riding through these areas, please stop them and ask them to leave if they cannot prove membership. You have paid for the right to be there, they have not, which is a kind of theft!  

The original Green Corridor is about 4kms long and runs from Majik Forest across D’Aria, Bloemendal and Nitida Winefarms, joining up with Hillcrest by crossing just one road. Access to this land is a privilege, not a right (in fact, that applies to all the trails on private land), and that privilege can be withdrawn if we do not adhere to the simple rules. 

The gate from Nitida to Hillcrest is locked with a combination lock. Only paid up Club members are given the combination, which will change from time to time. If you want to use the route, please email 

The second Green Corridor is 2km long, runs between Contermanskloof and Meerendal trails, crossing two farms. From the Contermanskloof side, it is accessed from 2/3 of the way up the trail before you start on the last steep uphill.  From Meerendal, exit the farm and cross the Vissershok Rd, the start is 100m uphill on your left You can also access hoogekraal now from this corridor.

We patrol to check on who is using the trails, so ensure you attach your bike board in a place it can be seen, in front of your handlebars, and if you see someone without his or hers, please challenge them.  If you haven't received a board yet, email me;-

Stay on the marked routes, respect other trail users, and remember, when you are on someone else's land, please greet any one you see politely!   A smile or wave costs nothing and goes a long way to create a good impression about our community!
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