Divided into upper and lower Bloemendal, this is also the official home of the TMTBC office and BioSport retail outlet.

Lower Bloemendal

Situated at the bottom of the M13 (Tygervalley Road) riders, especially beginner and younger riders are spoilt for choice. As you enter the farm gates you will see Bon Amis restaurant on your left, with MTB parking up the gravel road to your right. Just behind the pond at Bon Amis there is a purpose built singletrack for the youngerst ages 4-8. The largest bikes allowed on this 400m trail are 24" wheel bikes. There is also a Y-bike trail for the youngsters without peddle bikes. For the more adventurous head straight past Bon Amis till you see the block and tackle with a bike welded on it. This is the official parking space for those who want to do Lower Bloemendal proper.

Right at the Block and Tackle you will see the green arrow which takes you onto the start of the trails straight into the B-Spot. Day permits are sold for non-members and can be obtained Mon-Friday 8am-5pm at Biosport, or from 7:30am at the little white wooden permit shed at the parkinf area. A beginner pump track with flat gradients where novices can just enjoy the bumps, and the more skilled can practice their jumps and hip flicks, you then exit the pump track which takes you into a flat foresty bit of single track which crosses over into D'aria and eventually exits into a long but not too steep climb to the top of the fence at Majjk Forest. Follow the signs for about 300 meters here you have a choice straight up the mountain for a bit of a killer climb and then more single track down, or turn right onto the Infamous Lombards Terra. (you also have the option as per the map, to first do Lombards Terra down and then back up to the top for even more climbing and strength training.

Lombards Terra is an excellent stretch to work on those jumps and drops, littered with berms and 2 nice little rock gardens its the perfect way to end of either your 8 or 12km ride depending which option you took. At the end of your ride be sure to drop in at the TMTBC Club house just before the wine tasting room (you will see the orange Gazebo, stop in at for a cooldrink or that ever needed steri stumpy for recovery fuel, and then head of to the wine tasting for some of the best wines the Cape has to offer (don't skip the Malbec its fabulous)

For those who haven't had enough and is not afraid of more climbing and some seriously fun singletrack you can skip the wine tasting ... for now :)  and head to the road again, where you will see the open gate that takes you into upper Bloemendal.

Upper Bloemendal

Now this is for the bit more advanced cyclist, you head through the gate and left into Ntida, where you cycle past the restaurants there which will bring you to a locked gate (this route is members only and you will find the gate code on your invoice mail tucked in-between the rules and regulations section) unlock the gate and be sure to lock it behind you, and double check that your bike board is mounted on your handle bars. If you don't have a bike board or its on another place on you bike best you turn around as the marshals will stop you.

Ok now that we know we are legal continue with the hillcrest red route towards the top masts where Hillcrest, Contermanskloof and Bloemendal meet. There is one medium climb and one killer climb on your way to the top which will have the legs burning and your lungs busting for air but its worth it. Once you get to the masts follow the signs to Bloemendal. You start of with a bit of flat and very tame single track till you hit an intersection which crosses the Telkom concrete access road. Please note this is a mandatory portage section as no riding is allowed on or over the concrete road at any time. walk across the road where you will see the start of the infamous Trail X aka Bloemendaaler aka Bloemslang.

This peace of track 2km in length is for the adventurous as it provides more than enough opportunity to get some air, some fun off camber berms and some real speed. At the bottom of the trail the adrenalin will hopefully give you the guts to tackle the forest climb out of the valley back to the Upper Bloemendal Restaurant another 1.7km climb that spells pure pain. Once at the top you exit at the upper Bloemendal Restaurant where you can just head straight onto some more single track on Hillcrest at the end of that single track you are left with a choice continue riding hillcrest either Red or Green, or turn back down to the gate into Ntida and then follow the route back to Lower Bloemendal. Note you can park at the Upper Bloemendal parking lot if you just want to do the Hillcrest/Upper Bloemendal Ride.


Permits to ride here can be bought for R50.00 on lower Bloemendal. R30 for under 18's. There is a strict no permit. no ride policy. Night rides are held each Thursday evening at 7pm

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