Order Status Explained

When you place your orders you will be assigned an order status.

(please ignore statuses from last year as a different proses was followed.)

When you add your order to your cart and proceed to checkout, your order will automatically be placed in the on hold status.
During checkout you will be redirected to the online merchant page for processing,
(VCS) after entering your details and submitting payment, the VCS page should redirect back to our website and you should be presented with a message that states successful,with your order number.

An e-mail is fired off to your registered e-mail address with your order confirmation. Your bank will then send VCS an authorization code,
and VCS will notify our system of the code and your order will automatically be placed in the "Processing" status.
Which means that we will process the order, assign a membership board.
Once we do this your order will be marked as complete.

After we complete the order we send you the invoice which includes some of the rules, important links as well as the date and board collection details.

if your order status is "on hold" the order will not be processed by our team.

A "on hold" order is a dead order. You may get a status of on hold if:
1. The banks failed to send VCS the authorization code.
2. You completed the order but did not go through with payment via the VCS page.
     If you placed your order and after a couple of hours it still has not changed to processing please notify
     membership@tygerbermtb.co.za and please include proof of payment with the e-mail so we can process
     your order as quickly as possible.
3. "pending" if you chose to checkout with EFT it will stay pending till such time we receive official proof of payment
    please use your banks facility to send the proof of payments, screenshots are not allowed. If your order is in this
    state for more than 4 days please mail info@tygerbergmtb.co.za for further instructions.

To see how you can resend proof of payment please click here

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