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SGM Minutes Nov 2014
 |  SGM Information

Please feel free to download the SGM minutes and have a read through it if you were unable to attend.

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MTB Etiquette
 |  Training

With all the new riders (and older ones) the time has come for us as cyclists to review what Trail etiquette is and how it works.

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Trail Descriptions and Markings
 |  FAQ

The Request: Explaining the various trails to new members and give them a technical and endurance rating

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Basic Downhill skills with Greg Minaar
 |  Novice Training

From Bikeskills.com A Downhill basics with Greg Minaar our own world champ. A great video that applies to all forms of mountain biking. Great advice for the Novice mountainbiker.

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Track Stand Technique
 |  Novice Training

A little clip from bikeskills.com, Trackstands are a extremely important fundamental technique to learn, it enables you to asses obstacles, during races if you get blocked you dont need to uncleat. And very handy waiting at traffic lights :) Best of all you can practice this anywhere and anytime.

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