Rules Etiquette and Mutual Respect

Firstly you will have to excuse me, I am by no means a writer, punctuation, grammar and spelling are things that I stopped worrying about after leaving Miss Adendorf’s class somewhere in the mid 90’s.

Recently our club as well as some other clubs in the Western Cape have lost a lot of land access due to Rogue riding and Members being rude to the landowners. This does not only take the privilege away for our 7000 members , but we also lose a lot of investment that has been made to build and maintain these wonderful trails. Sadly all of this could have been avoided. So here is a re-cap of the Club rules.
Members and non-members please have a read, stick to the rules, and always be polite to people even if you think they are in the wrong.

The Club Rules
First and foremost we need to take cognisance of the rules of our trails. It is vitally important as they have been set for you and your fellow rider’s safety, and to help protect our environment, especially our Rensoterveld.   And lastly we are guests on the farms where we are allowed to build trails. We do not own the land; we just build and maintain our wonderful trail network. For the privilege of being able to build/ride these trails we have agreements with our landowners which dictates how, what, when, why and who.  And as many clubs have found out this year if we do not follow the rules or have mutual respect for each other we can lose access to these wonderful trails very quickly. (Kliprug est: 2010 died November 2013 RIP)

Ok so members have seen this at the bottom of the newsletter and we would assume they are easy and straightforward.

Keep to the marked trails
Please do not take shortcuts even if on Jeep track, or go “explore” areas of the farms. This is not allowed and will cause problems for the club.

Follow the arrows! For safety's sake, do not go against the flow
All our trails have directional markers and most of the trails have an easy one way flow so they should not be too hard to follow, but please remember, cows thing our markers as scratch poles so they do have a tendency to go missing at places. If they do please log a trail maintenance request form. Going against the flow can cause serious injury.

Greet fellow trail users- a wave and smile cost nothing but says everything
The biggest thing lacking it seems in our cycling world is mutual respect. Leave the ego at home we are all equal on the trails from the newest newbie clad in T-shirt and Tekkies to the top Pros on their 100k carbon steeds. We have all paid to access and ride these trails we all want to have a good time. So if you are slow and some faster rider comes and sits on your back wheel and you can feel their breath on the nape of your neck don’t worry, If he/she would like to get past then it’s up to them to ask politely if they can have the track. Once they have asked for track, acknowledge by saying something like “sure when safe” meaning I will pull over when its safe for me to do so. Never take a risk to let a faster rider through. If you see people on the trail who you think does not belong, i.e. trail runners, dog walkers, hikers etc. Be polite and kindly inform them that the trails are for MTB for safety reasons. (This does not count for Majik forest which is public land and hikers/runners/walkers/dogs are allowed.) When riding Majik make sure to keep an eye out for two and four legged creatures on the trails, and thank them if they move over for you. 
Respect the land
As stated we do not own the land, we are guests on the land. Respect the farm workers, the landowners and the land itself. Do not go off the route to unmarked areas. Do not scare or hurt the animals. Also don’t trample on the plants most of our trails are in the Renosterveld conservancy.
No smoking or littering on the trails
The only thing that you are allowed to leave on the trails are blood and sweat, the only things allowed to smoke on the trails are bearings seizing up.

Approach horses with care, respect and space-they spook easily
Self-explanatory, and in the converse cows are kind of dumb and they take their time moving out of your way

Your Membership and board
Please take note of the following, even if you have paid your membership for the year you have to be in possession of a bike board to ride member only trails and corridors. The board may not be modified and must be displayed on your handle bars at all times. The board is non-transferable to other individuals. You may purchase a board for friends or family members but only if you enter their correct details during placement of the order.

Trail Running
No trail running on any of the TygerbergMTB club and associated singletrack is allowed. Land access has been negotiated for mountainbiking where members are clearly identfiable via bike boards only. Bloemendal and Meerendal do however allow running on the jeeptracks on the respective farms.

It is your responsibility to ensure guests riding with you pay for the correct permits
Failure to do so could lead to the committee taking action against you. As a club member you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations as well as the area’s where non-members are and are not allowed.
But in case you weren’t sure:

Majik = public open space anyone can ride there

Meerendal, Contermanskloof, Hoogekraal, Welvergenoegd, FairCape, Hillcrest and Bloemendal are open to day permit holders, except for the areas that have been marked members only sections on those trails

Ntidia, are MEMBERS ONLY. No bike board no ride. (Special day permits are available from Bloemendal to cros Ntida into upper Bloemendal

Hillcrest Members only.

Keep the gate code secret-it is a member's only privilege you have paid for! As is the use of the

"Green Corridors"!! The Corridors are “routes that link our farms together.
If you are a member and you forgot your bike board at home (or lost it) you are classified as a non-member for that day, you may not access corridors, and you will have to pay you day permit fees. You have to always display your bike board on your handlebars, not strapped around your shock, or any other place.

No night riding on TMTBC Trails
You may ride the trails from sunrise to sunset, the only exceptions are the Thursday Night ride on Bloemendal, and we have to be off the trails by 21:00 sharp.

You are empowered to police your trails-if you see something wrong-report it! 
Please report any wrongdoing here http://www.tygerbergmtb.local/index.php/webforms/index/index/id/3/

No helmet, no ride!
This is not debateable, and it includes your children doing the kiddy tracks. Any parent who lets their children ride without a helmet even if just on the driveway is irresponsible and I have had to block way to many parents who try let their kids ride without protection.

General Indemnity:
I fully understand that by accessing the Tygerberg Mountainbike trailnetwork I acknowledge that I have read and bind myself and/or my dependents to the indemnity clause below:
By using any venue and/or property and/or facilities and/or trails of Tygerberg MTB Club, Hillcrest, D’Aria, Nitida, Contermanskloof, Meerendal, Hoogekraal and or any other land owners, the City of Cape Town, any individual or agent or any person or institution, I agree that I shall have no claim whatsoever against Tygerberg MTB Club, Hillcrest, D’Aria, Nitida, Contermanskloof, Meerendal, Hoogekraal, and or any other land owners, the City of Cape Town, any individual or agent or any person or institution of whatever nature, in respect of any injury, loss or damage of whatsoever nature which I may suffer as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, my using of this venue and/or property and/or facilities and/or trails, including my arrival thereat and departure thereof , however such loss or damage may arise and regardless of whether or not same shall have been caused directly or indirectly by negligence albeit gross, of one or more of all of the aforementioned parties. I also accept that the aforementioned parties shall accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, howsoever caused, to any person while on the premises or route or while utilizing the facilities thereon, as well as in respect of any loss or damage to property, howsoever caused, suffered by any person while on the premises or route or while utilizing the facilities thereof. The afore mentioned conditions are applicable to members as well as non-members and or any other persons.

If you are unsure about any of these rules please e-mail for further explanations.

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