Banking Details- EFT Payments

When making an EFT please use your order number as a reference (refer to EFT process below) 

 First National Bank

Branch: Tygerberg ; Branch Code: 201410

Type of Account: Current account

Acc # 62213902986 

Those who bank with STD Bank must please add 00 (zero zero) at the end of the branch code when doing an EFT


EFT Process
  1. If don't have an account please create one. Click to create an account
  2. Now log into your account.  Log In
  3. Choose your membership package you would like. (you can add more than one package to your cart) Select Membership
  4. Follow the checkout procedure till you get redirected to the VCS payment page. And then Close that Page.
  5. Go back to our website and log in if necesarry.
  6. Go to your account and you will be provided with your dashboard which will have your orders. You should see a new order with the status "on hold" use this order number as your EFT reference
  7. Mail proof of payment to

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